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Aeris Basic 1.0 Change History

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Version Released Highlights
1.0.000 8/15/2008 Initial release (no change description)
1.0.001 10/3/2008 New import from The THERAPIST Pro
1.0.002 1/12/2009 Updating patient data updates corresponding responsible party and insurance information.
Problem restoring offline backup was corrected.
1.0.003 2/24/2009 Corrected pagination problem in patient statements.
Corrected a problem reading activation files.
1.0.004 3/5/2009 Payment adjustments could not be saved.
Adjustments to starting balances rounding error.
1.0.005 5/21/2009 Access codes were rarely accepted if at all.
Activation files wouldn't "stick".
Several changes made to work with Windows Vista.
1.0.006 7/2/2009 Statement responsible party address incorrect.
Statement EOBs show for the wrong patients.
Access codes would not work.
Cannot enter login password.
1.0.007 9/2/2009 Electronic claim filename extension.
Problems importing data from The THERAPIST for DOS.
1.0.008 3/10/2010 Initial setup wizard shows black text on a black background.
More Problems importing data from The THERAPIST for DOS.
1.0.009 2/1/2011 Patient Diagnosis Code Pointers
CMS-1500 Medicaid Resubmission and Original Reference
CMS-1500 Box 24E
CMS-1500 Box 29
Patient Statements
Transactions List Payments
Viewing a CMS-1500 Claim File
Provider Income Report
Importing Data From The THERAPIST
Backup Schedule Form
Changing Quick Backup Path
1.0.010 2/19/2013 CMS-1500 Diagnosis Codes
Opening a Practice
Active Payments
Service Procedure Codes
Importing from DOS
Service Insurance Fee